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Is it Mushroom season yet?

January 31, 2011 1 comment



I inoculated some Red and White Oak logs with shiitake and Oyster Mushroom spawn last September, it’s been 5 months now. We’ve been anxiously waiting for the typical 6-12 month spawn run time for the logs to be “ready”. 5 months… maybe that’s close enough.

I read that over at Ozark Forest Mushrooms (and other places) they thump or drop the mushroom logs to stress them, then soak them to really stress them out. Well. the weather has been warm around 60-70, and tomorrow it is supposed to get cold, and rain heavily. So I went out and gave a couple oyster and shiitake logs a good whack and a drop to the ground.  Maybe I’ll get some mushrooms… if nothing in about a week, I’m soaking them to see if I can get something.


Last group of indoor seeds sown

January 30, 2011 Leave a comment


Last group sown after soaking 24 hours – 4-5 weeks before they get in the ground.

  • Muskmelon Edisto 47
  • zucchini striata d’italia
  • squash lemon squash
  • Watermelon Ali Baba
  • Cucumber – Beit Alpha

Animals dug up some of the container garlic bulbs.

Yesterday’s 4 inch pot transplants are doing well.

Next plantings looks like Lettuce this coming week and Chires Baby Corn in 2 weeks.

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First Spring planting and transplanting

January 29, 2011 1 comment

Moved a select remaining few 6-8 week transplants up to bigger pots.



  • listada de gandia eggplants
  • Chocolate Stripes Tomatoes
  • Riesentraube Tomatoes
  • Sungold Tomatoes
  • 1 Royal Hillbilly, some still lingering in the seedling tray, I want 1 more to grow as a backup.


Made seedling tray room for4 week transplants, and now soaking these seeds in water with liquid fish fertilizer



  • striata d’italia zucchini
  • Ali Baba Watermelon
  • Edisto 47 (melon)
  • lemon squash
  • Biets Cucumber

Direct Sow in the garden


Beets and Carrots

  • Carrot parisienne – 16/square foot – 2.5 sq ft.
  • Carrot Amarillo – 16/square foot – 2.5 sq ft.
  • Beet – Cylindra 9/square foot – 2 sq ft
  • Beet – Golden 9/square foot – 2 sq ft
  • Potatoes – Red La Sodas – 1 per  – total 3 sq ft
  • Potato Fingerling from “Evermans” 2 per – total 3 sq ft



Potatoes in ground

Worked on grow area, added peel and stick tiles to bottom and found some white painted side boards.


Grow Area

Reference for historical reference,

Garden 1 layout in square feet 4×12.

Parsienne Carrots (16) Parsienne Carrots (16) 1/2 Parsienne 1/2 yellow Yellow Carrots (16) Yellow Carrots (16) Beet(9) Cylindrical Potato(1) Potato(1) Potato(1) Fingerling (2) Fingerling (2) Fingerling (2)
Letttuce(1/20) Letttuce(1/20) Letttuce Letttuce Beet(9) Golden Beet(9) Cylindrical Beet(9) Golden Garlic (8) – 1/20 Garlic (9) Garlic (9) Garlic (9) Garlic (9)
Strawberry Alpine Strawberry Alpine Strawberry Alpine Strawberry Alpine Strawberry Alpine Strawberry Alpine Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry
Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Alpine Strawberry Alpine Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry

Strawberry soil tests

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Alabama County Extension sampled my soil. Strawberries are in alkaline soil and they have way too much phosphorous…  Going research how to handle that. I need to get the PH down and add nitrogen it looks like.

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3 Tomato seedlings had a near death experience

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Transplanted 3 tomatoes and man they dropped to the ground and freaked out…. the soil was pretty dry. I gave them some water and they perked back up. Whew.

So sad looking… I propped them up to help.


I added some car sun reflector to increase the grow light effectiveness. Big difference actually.


And they popped right back up.


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Peaches – the dirtiest of them all

January 26, 2011 1 comment

The growing adventure started in 2010 with some basic thinking. My wife and myself became aware of many problems in the food system. More to write on that eventually… but first… starting at the top – Peaches – the dirtiest of the dirty dozen.

Peaches are the most pesticide contaminated fruit of all, one study saying 96% of peaches they tested contained pesticides, and another saying up to 53 different pesticides were found on imported peaches, some of those chemicals illegal for use on crops in the US but still acceptable in other countries that we import from. Some tested higher concentrations than values allowed by the EPA.

So what’s the solution? We quit buying conventionally grown Peaches, stop buying conventional peaches imported from other countries, grow your own or buy organic Peaches or support your local Farmers Market and get peaches locally where you can talk to the grower. We still buy organic peaches in a can out of season, but we hope they don’t have as many chemicals on them.

For fresh eating we planted a peach tree so we can enjoy our own organic peaches in season and knowing what went into growing them. We got a Florida King Peach tree since we have low chill down here in coastal Alabama. It was planted around 2/1/2010. We got 6 great looking peaches until “critters” got them. We ate 1 small one they missed and it was great. We should get a lot more this year.

Then came more trees…

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Garlic – Some planted and some shoots showing today

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, Garlic is up already in less than a week. It’s only been 6 days I can see several shoots coming up. Amazing.

Our Alabama extension service says we can plant garlic up till February. Hopefully this will turn out.

I peeled it, soaked it in baking soda, and planted it, most on 1/23/2011.

Then… I had a few cloves leftover. They had a rough life. After the baking soda soak, I left it on the counter for 2 days, then I felt bad and soaked it in plain water because I wanted to plant it but was busy with home and work. Then I took it out, dried it overnight, and planted it anyway. Some still looked fine and had roots trying to develop. Some looked a little dry on the bottom. We’ll see. I put them in a container I don’t really plan to care for much. They are on their own.

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