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A new squash favorite – Delicata Winter Squash

We had some roasted squash around Christmas time that was fantastic (credit to Megan S) – but we had never saw it in the store since, and didn’t know it’s true name. It was almost like a sweet potato in texture and flavor, but more, it was awesome.

Now, in Evermans’ yesterday we found that squash variety again. We roasted it with olive oil and it was awesome again. So incredible that my wife says we have to grow it – We’re out of room in the garden plan, so we’re going to have to dig up some Potatoes – Red Lasodas (not that good after we tried one, very starchy.) She points to the seeds in the compost bowl. Squash seeds like most gourds are sticky and not pleasant to sort out and clean. I’ve never grown anything from the store – except Garlic – great results so far- but vegetables need to be really mature for the seeds to be viable. Hopefully this one is. Winter squash are mature gourds, so it’s reasonable that it might work.

I’m soaking them in a very diluted mixture of fish emulsion and water (same as I water seedlings with). I had read a couple people did this and it helped germination. When I did this with my last group of seedlings they shot up in a couple days and less than a week true leaves are starting on some of them, and germination rates were good on those groups.

So this variety seems to match Delicata Squash, a Winter Squash. Totally shocking to me to find out that right now (as in no later than today/this past week) is the right time to start to germinate and grow Winter Squash in our region. Alabama Cooperative Extension Service says we can plan this in April or July(after the heat of our summers we have a second growing season almost). It takes about 100 days to maturity. So with a lot of luck, some seeds will germinate and we will get this squash growing. If not, Baker Creek Heirloom seeds sells it, but we be best to wait till July planting to try it.

I’ll update later this week if they germinated.

Delicata Squash


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