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Drip Irrigation install, and fertilizing

So funny thing, I was applying fertilizer – muriate of Potash – a mined mineral rock, and as I’m pouring… a yellow corn kernel lands in my container. What is a plain unprocessed yellow CORN doing in my mineral fertilizer? They have finally put Corn into everything.

Corn in Muriate of Potash

Transplanted Watermelons, a Musk Melon, and a Cucumber from seedling tray to bigger pots.

Sowed remaining 2 sq ft with mesculin lettuce seeds.

Installed Drip Irrigation system from Irrigation direct in both beds.

Put up PVC frame for netting support around new raised bed, and put up wildlife netting to protect from creatures.

Based on results of soil tests applied some fertilizers to the 72 sq ft of vegetable garden space.

Spread out 1.8 lbs Blood Meal 12-0-0 to provide nitrogen.

Raised Beds with frame and irrigation

Spread out 1.25 lbs Muriate of Potash 0-0-60 to correct Potassium deficiency.

Spread remaining 3-4 lbs of Acidifier onto garden soil and blueberry bushes to lower PH.

Spread roughly 5 lbs of Greensand (0-0-0.1) – provides Potassium over long term and trace elements.

Also – Update on the store bought squash seed project – Delicata Squash virtually all germinated, just took time. Ended up with excellent germination. Here’s an interesting shot of one I forgot to check for 24 hours and it shot through the moist paper towel I had it surrounded with.

Delicatta Squash growing in paper towel

Grow Area 2-12-2011

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