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Plants growing where they shouldn’t be.

My last post got me thinking. I have a theme to share – things growing where they shouldn’t be.

Watermelon over the septic tank?

In pulling my last seedlings this year, and cleaning out the seedling tray spots, I had to dispose of some perfectly good seedlings… so I carelessly stuck it in the grown above the septic tank which had been recently dug up  and pumped. No, I don’t expect it live, but it’s easier to see it struggle and die than to just throw it into the yard. I’m curious how long it will live… it’s been 2 days now and it looks unphased. Even more scary… what if it does produce watermelons?


Bluecrop Blueberry bush – growing, but not producing. We got maybe 5 blueberries last year. It’s from Sam’s Club, they sold a pretty box of raspberries, blackberry and blueberry plants. Researching this plant, and why it won’t give me blueberries I was really shocked with what I found. The variety of blueberries is a Northern variety, needs a certain amount of chill hours to be fruitful – 850-1000 chill hours (hours where temp between 30-45 degrees). Daphne,AL (where it was sold) gets around 650 hours per the Alabama County Extension Service reference maps. This is a great variety all the way up to the far North US, but not down here. I was young and didn’t know any better, and didn’t have a garden, just experimented with a tomato plant. I’ve been keeping and caring for the plant for 3-4 years, and decided to look it up just recently. It’s going in the composting wood pile.


Blueberry BlueCrop

Celery in the Compost Pile

I thought the celery was done, but it’s actually growing new celery stalks! I have no idea what will happen. I don’t really plan to keep them in there, I turn the compost pile regularly with a shovel, and don’t have room in the garden for this. I’ve caught spent onions with just a tiny bit of the base left growing roots in there too.


Squash plants grow rapidly, even through paper towels.

I left them germinating in a plastic bag with a moist paper towel and forgot about them for 24 hours.

Delicatta Squash growing in paper towel

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