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Transplants are in ground (except tomatoes)

Lots of transplants today, hopefully the extended forcecast of warm weather is right. High of 70 and low of high 40s and a few nights of low 50s. The average last frost is before Feb 23rd for our area.  Hopefully no more frost or I will have to get really creative. I put up some old bed sheets as a wind block to help lessen the shock.

Worst case they all die because it’s not warm enough. I have some “backup” plants started at the same time just in case.  The tomatoes were looking too shocked to put in just yet. Maybe in a day or two.

eggplant listada de gandia
Bell peppers Purple Beauty
Lemon squash
zucchini striata d’italia
Muskmelon Edisto 47
Cucumber Beit Alpha
Delicatta Squash




Yesterday I direct sowed Dragon Tongue beans, Purple Podded Pole Beans, and Chires Baby Corn.

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