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Tomatoes are fussy little plants

I started Monday on hardening all my plants. This is the process of moving them out of their nice controlled temperature inside, and under the nice happy LED grow light, to the big bright sun, the wind, and the colder weather. Most did fine, and are coping well. But the Tomatoes have been stressing. Their stems turn purple and their leaves curl up. The internet is full of ideas on how and how long to harden them off. Some people say a few days some people claim it can take 2 weeks. I’m going to go close to a week based on what I’m seeing. I’m guessing by this weekend they may have been “exposed” to the new weather enough to plant.

They’ve been out full days, and this is the first night out, they are sheltered by the house radiant heat – a few degrees warmer and less wind. I had them inside most of yesterday to recover from the previous day. They look less stressed than they did yesterday, so I think this is going well. Hopefully I will line up for a weekend planting of tomatoes if our cats don’t eat the plants.

Tomato Plants on back porch

Tomato Plants on back porch, and "grey one". Don't eat my plants overnight please.

Here’s the blue/purple discoloration.

Tomato Transplant Stress

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  1. jerry barbee
    February 18, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    impressive planning to grow these tomatoes. I am sure they will taste great.

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