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Garden Update 3-18

Things are moving over the past 2 weeks. Tomatoes, Strawberries, Blueberries, Peaches, all have been flowering. Pole Beans are climbing the trellis.

Problem –  Zucchini plants are HUGE and overshadowing the Bell Peppers. They need a lot more space and they are taking over by force.


Bed 2 - And Abby


Bed 1 - Strawberries, Lettuce, Potatoes, Carrots, Garlic, Beets.


Unexpected Weeds -Tomatoes from last year - growing all over Bed 1, and out of this tiny crack.

VDB Fig Cuttings – 2 have leaves almost out and new buds developing – They will be great new fig plants. One looks like it is growing 2 figs on top, probably not good for a new plant, and the big stick on the left is not really doing anything visible. I’m thrilled to get 2 good plants, maybe 3 out of the $12 it cost me for the cuttings.


VDB Fig Cuttings

  1. Camille Meenen
    March 23, 2011 at 3:16 pm


    Wow, have you been busy. I wish Rick would let me have a compost pile. Do you have some kind of watering system under the ground in your beds? I thought I saw some. Zucchini literally takes over. You don’t need more than a couple usually. You can trim back the leaves if need be. Just make sure you pick the fruit early. It will get huge very fast. Used some in tomatoe sauce to go over noodles. Was pretty good. I canned a few jars. Rick won’t eat it. I’m also interested in how your herbs do in full sun. I start my basil in full sun, but after the seeds get established, I move to shadier spot. Have tried a couple times, but they are all happy on the side of my house with morning sun. Cilantro goes to seed very quickly. I had some oregano that wintered well. Just covered with blanket in 20 degree temps. Mine are sheltered by a bush and just seem happy there.

    I’m so proud and impressed with your progress. I put in my cucumbers and squash this week after talking to you. We can only pray for bees this year to pollinate!!!!! They have been at a premium the last couple years.

    Give love to Nancy and a kiss for the baby. I don’t think Luke would like one from me.


    • Jason
      March 23, 2011 at 8:59 pm

      I assembled a drip irrigation system I ordered off the internet – it’s a 1/4 inch wide hose with drip holes inline to the hose every 6 inches, those cross the raised bed providing great water coverage, and no spray to cause problems with leaves, it’s a very slow dripping that just wets the soil.
      Herbs are getting half day sun, and getting a little shade from blueberry bushes – which are looking great.
      I had a female Zuch flower today I hand pollinated with a male flower, tomorrow another female will be ready too. The flowers just fade so fast(by afternoon they are down) so I want to make sure we get those zuch’s!
      We have so many bees we can’t look out our back porch and not see up to three bees on the blueberry plants at any time, they love it. I don’t know where they come from but they are nearby.

  2. Camille Meenen
    April 6, 2011 at 2:28 pm


    How’s it going over there after the cold snap? I was reading some earlier posts you had. I have been told that grits are good for ants. They eat them, drink and swell!!!!!! I hope you had some room to transplant some of your zucchini’s. They will take over if you doin’t thin them adn still take over. I had to constantly trim stalks off of mine last year to give my tomatoes room to grow. I have too many planted this year, but will transplant them when my potatoes are finished. I should be able to dig potatoes in a couple weeks. Haven’t seen any blooms yet.

    I bought a yellow boy tomatoe by mistake. We will see how it does. How is your garlic? Mine in hanging in there. Don’t know what to expect. My 2×3 container is producing so well. I will move to the shade when it heats up this weekend again!!???!!! I don’t know I will handle the weather if it is so hot, hot this summer.

    Just checking on you and the garden. It’s a lot of work, but worth it. I have a few bees this year on azelias and camellias. Hopefully, they will hang around for my garden.


  3. Jason
    April 7, 2011 at 8:59 am

    They didn’t have a problem at all. It’s a jungle out there with the Zucchini, Squash, and the tomatoes. I’ve been busy with work and haven’t had time to transplant and get them clear. We’re getting great Zucchini production – 2-3/week.
    My garlic looks good, I haven’t pulled any up yet, it’s hanging in well with the potatoes – no blooms on those yet.
    I have a lot of tomatoes that are setting and flowering!
    That’s wild, never heard of a Yellow Boy Tomato, but I hope you like it, we loved our yellow tomatoes.
    Maybe we’ll get out that way and see your garden someday.

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