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Garden update 4-7-2011

Things have been busy around here with life and garden. Zucchini have taken over the garden and suffocated the bell pepper plants, but I don’t have time to manage them, I may transplant one or two. Peaches set lots of fruit, Satsuma tree has fruit set. All figs dropped off my LSU Gold, I only have 1 fig out of all my plants left. All 4 of the cuttings I got in the mail are still growing. Apple tree not looking like it has fruit set yet, flowers are falling off – maybe pollination issues?

We have pulled up all the Mesculin Lettuce mix, it was too crazy looking and varied too much in taste and quality and harvesting times for us, next time just spinach and arugula maybe.

Harvesting –

2 Zucchini per week

2-3 Cups of Strawberries per week




Bed 1


Bed 2


Luke with a strawberry


Pole Beans climbing high


Dragon Tongue Bean Flowers




Luke with a 1+ lb Zuke


Delicatta Squash


VDB Fig transplanted


Sun Gold Tomatoes


Blueberries almost ready


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  1. Camille Meenen
    April 8, 2011 at 8:38 am


    Wow, you already have squash blooms. Your tomatoes look really good. A note on lettuce if I may. When my lettuce and chard get too big whether I need it for salad or not, I cut it, wash it, and store in frig in plastic bags. It will keep at least a week and maybe more. I do the same with collards–I don’t care for them cooked, but they are good raw in a salad and very good for you.

    Your zucchini is impressive too. They sure do grow fast, don’t they. I do love them cooked with a meatless spaghetti sauce. You can also grate them in a salad. Never tried the bread, but understand it is very good. Oh and so good in chinese food. Let me know if transplanting them works. I will have some I need to move when they get bigger and I have some room after I get my potatoes out of the ground. Still have about 3 weeks for that.

    How is your compost pile doing? I want one so badly, but Rick is afraid of bugs, rats, etc. Do you cut your vegetables up in small pieces? I have a lot of raw scraps and hate to just throw them away.

    Looking good over there in Alabama.


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