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Potato Harvest

We harvested our potatoes today!  The plants started to fall over and die, and I think I read that’s time to pull them. We only planted probably 5-6 potatoes to begin with and got 3 pounds of each variety. The yields were the same per variety it seems, each foot produced the same amount of crop on average.  One pound per square foot.

Potatoes were a fantastic crop. No pests or diseases, super easy, I just put 9 in the ground (documented here) and they grew with no problems.  In comparison to the other items in our garden, it was nice to harvest something a bit earlier.  This is a great beginner friendly crop, and the kids will love digging up the potatoes. Luke loved digging as you can see in the pictures!

Left are French fingerlings (awesome roasted with olive oil and garlic) and right are Red LaSodas (red creamer style).  We prefer the French fingerlings but also planted the Red LaSodas as an experiment.  For the French Fingerlings we just bought a bag of organic ones from Everman’s and let them sprout and then planted them.  The Red LaSodas were actual ‘seed potatoes’ from Elberta Co-op.  I think Nancy is going to try them mashed, they didn’t taste as good as the French Fingerlings when roasted.  She said they are definitely firmer than anything we’ve gotten at the grocery store.

Can’t wait to cook them up and try them out!

We also pulled up a garlic to see if they were getting close to harvest.  As you can see in the picture, we still have a ways to go…

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