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Tomatoes are here, Carrots just OK, Beets – what beets?, Garlic previews.

Strawberries are coming back in, they all put out flowers and we’re starting to get new strawberries, and a lot more on the way like earlier this year.  Luke is very excited.

Sweet Chires Corn is putting out corn stalks.

Pulled up some carrots. They are looking good and we have some success. Yellow carrots don’t taste great, I’m not sure I would grow them again. maybe they are just still maturing. The parisienne carrots on the right.  We had a better, fatter specimen but Luke ate it before we took a picture.  It had a very strong carrotty flavor (if that makes any sense.)  Nancy hopes we’ll get enough of a crop as some point to roast some and bring out the flavor.


Yellow Carrots on the left, Parisienne on the right, just ignore the baking sheet and spatula with cookie crumbs and chocolate smears on it 😉

Pulled up beets, they were all way too small shown below… not sure why, but it got crowded in their area. Complete failure, not a single edible one. Will try again in a couple months.


Pulled up garlic, some of it fell over and died. The bulbs were still pretty small. Some on the left were just not doing well at all. There’s a lot left that is looking good, these were just the outliers, hopefully the remaining ones are bigger.


Tomatoes are coming in, we get 2-3 full size chocolate stripes per week, sungolds.

I hear from Nancy and Luke they are good. I have a garden secret to confess: I don’t really like raw tomatoes, especially since Nancy likes them covered in cottage cheese.  I grow tomatoes for other people.  An after dinner visit to the garden usually turns into Luke eating his daily value in cherry tomatoes so it’s worth it.



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