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Garden Updates 7-4-2011

The blog is not dead, but it’s been about 6 weeks and I’ve been too busy. Algae in the pool, huge project at work keeping my time locked up, been unable to keep up with things around the house. But that’s one reason I like gardens, even though I got busy, nature kept doing it’s thing without me (thanks to a timer and a drip irrigation system).

The septic tank water melon plant TOOK OVER the backyard. It’s grown more in size than any other plant I’ve tried to grow, and the history on this one is that it was a junk leftover seedling I just placed in the dirt, it doesn’t get irrigation water. Finally when it got a huge watermelon on it I gave it some fertilizer. See below, it should be ready any day now. It’s very large, I’ll get a better picture of the single melon when we pick it.

We planted 2 bell pepper plants from Lowe’s to fill in where the lettuce and carrots were in the garden, still waiting for them to do something, they seem to be trying to get used to the intense heat of the summer.

Got a great batch of tomatoes before it got so hot.  Nancy loves the royal hillbillies.  The first few chocolate stripe were mealy and not very good but for some reason the tomatoes got better as time went on.  The Riesentraube and Sungold (both grape size) have been mostly eaten by the kids.  We did have a large batch after coming home from being out of town which Nancy roasted in the oven with some garlic and olive oil and made a fantastic quick sauce for some ravioli for lunch.

Strawberries are unfortunately pretty much over for now.  Maybe more later.

End of May/First in June – Blueberries came in, stayed till end of June. Not enough this year  other than a handful for snack, but the plants are getting bigger. Since we won’t ever get the production we need from 3 plants, we went blueberry picking to a local upick farm and got 23 lbs of blueberries, which should hopefully last us until blueberry season next year.

Mid June – Our Peaches ripened up, we had probably a dozen peaches. They were small but really good tasting. Unfortunately I missed getting pictures of these.  We picked them off as they were ready but lost out on a few that mysteriously disappeared when we went out of town for a few days.

End of June and ongoing – Sand Pears are falling, they are not ripe yet and just making a nasty mess. No pictures needed.

First week in July  – Figs ripening up. We bought some figs from farmers markets (LSU gold, Celeste and one mystery one) and they are delish, they seem to be kind of hard to find.  Makes for some motivation to really try to establish our trees.  Our few are almost ready. We picked a couple already but they were not quite ripe.

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