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September Garden and Shiitake Updates

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Fun couple weeks. We got 6lbs or so of ‘volunteer’ Shiitake mushrooms off the logs in the back just from the rains. Luke loved being a helper harvesting the mushrooms.  We got a Nesco dehydrator and now have dry mushrooms ready for meals. We ate a lot of meals with Shiitakes while they were fresh.  Probably not my favorite mushroom but depends on the dish.  Nancy’s best creation was sauteing Shiitake and bacon as a topping for homemade macaroni and cheese, it really went well together.

Got a container of purple pod beans, a nice red pepper.

Bought a pound of  Nootka Rose Garlic, an medium garlic that has won awards for taste, it’s supposed to be in the middle of the taste spectrum of garlic, close to what most think Garlic should take like. Most of the garlic we’ve gotten has been very mild from the store, but WOW we got some from Whole Foods that really stood out. Nancy said every time she used it she had to cut the recipe in half and it still stood out well. We have no way to identify that variety though. Haven’t tried Nootka Rose yet, but we’ll see. My first round of garlic ended poorly, but I planted in the wrong season too, Garlic is usually planed in Sept/October. I knew that going in but it was rumored to work down in the south. I like the idea of  growing garlic because it’s a Fall and Winter Crop – less work, I can let it sit till next June and it should be ready then.



Giant Marconi and Purple Pod Beans


Jar of Dry Shiitake


Dehydrator Prep Work


Fresh Shiitake - Just a single nights harvest


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1.5 lbs shiitake harvest tonight.

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment


After 1 lb over the weekend there’s even more ready today.

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Shiitake Mushroom harvest!

September 11, 2011 Leave a comment



Shiitake Harvest!

The recent Tropical Storm rains triggered some volunteer Shiitake Mushrooms. I have about 40 logs I seeded with Shiitake last year from a tree we had taken down. Awesome to get some fresh mushrooms from the backyard. We got about 1 lb so far and plenty more coming. Nancy made a Quinoa and Sauteed Shiitake dish. Pretty tasty. Luke got to help collect mushrooms and he loved having a “job” to do.

I have some other mushroom work in progress. Oyster mushrooms coming soon.








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End of Summer Garden Updates

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok… I’m late on posts. I had too much going on at home and work.

Second water melon off the “Septic Tank” Watermelon Alibaba  Plant


End of  August – Sand Pears ripe. Got several for Jellies/ Pear Muffins. Still way too many fell on the ground.

July  – LSU Gold figs came in. Not that great. I hear it may take a couple years.

August – Chicago Hardy Figs came in – these were great, dark and sweet. Awesome.

All the Tomato plants caught something and had to be removed. I tried to start new tomato plants from the growing tips but they either caught or were already affected by the disease.

I had some more pictures but they were lost in a phone crash, lost them.

Had a few more eggplants but they weren’t very good quality.  A late season addition of a Lowe’s pepper plant yielded one good looking pepper that a woodland creature stole.  There are a couple more on the plant that we hope we get to before our ‘friend’ does once they turn red.

Is there a “Fall Garden” Coming? Maybe a little late but we’re thinking about it.