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End of year wrap up






Yeah it’s been a while, but without a true fall garden, I have not had much to post that’s new. Gotten some great bell peppers, some left ripening now, couple are almost red. And the garlic and strawberries will be left over the winter.

We’ve been having  HUGE Shiitake harvests  with the rainy weather. It’s been great, Nancy dried some just today and used some fresh. I’ve got a huge box full of them I might have to give some away. Anyone want some?

Looking back we’re happy about the garden, but a lot of this year was experimenting. Beets, Carrots, Lettuce, Corn, Eggplant – all didn’t do well enough for us to enjoy, and they ate up a bunch of garden space. The wide varieties was also very challenging to figure out is it ready? How do I know? The plant looks _____(pick a word). It’s this color or that – is it dying? What’s wrong with the plant? It was a lot to research on at one time, and we lost some harvests and plants because our attentions were spread. This next year we’re focusing more on what we really want, so hopefully our harvests will be bigger.

In the works-

  • Fruiting 2 bags of Blue Oyster Mushrooms – they are developing and will post soon.
  • Bought a Gala Apple Tree, looking for a spot to plant it.  Our Braburn apple tree didn’t make it.
  • Planning spring garden and browsing Seed Catalogs for 2012 Garden.
  • Looking at redesigning the raised bed – shrinking the width and adding another one to add space and room to work/harvest. 18 inches between the beds was way too small. 3 feet wide is my goal.
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