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New Banana Trees

March 22, 2013 Leave a comment

2013-03-22 18.53.27

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End of Summer Garden Updates

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok… I’m late on posts. I had too much going on at home and work.

Second water melon off the “Septic Tank” Watermelon Alibaba  Plant


End of  August – Sand Pears ripe. Got several for Jellies/ Pear Muffins. Still way too many fell on the ground.

July  – LSU Gold figs came in. Not that great. I hear it may take a couple years.

August – Chicago Hardy Figs came in – these were great, dark and sweet. Awesome.

All the Tomato plants caught something and had to be removed. I tried to start new tomato plants from the growing tips but they either caught or were already affected by the disease.

I had some more pictures but they were lost in a phone crash, lost them.

Had a few more eggplants but they weren’t very good quality.  A late season addition of a Lowe’s pepper plant yielded one good looking pepper that a woodland creature stole.  There are a couple more on the plant that we hope we get to before our ‘friend’ does once they turn red.

Is there a “Fall Garden” Coming? Maybe a little late but we’re thinking about it.

Garden Update 5-1-2011

May 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Wow it’s been 3 weeks, I try to update every 2 weeks. I’ve had a lot of things keeping me busy. I have a new project I will post about soon.

I got busy at work and we had a caterpillar eat up the cabbage, maybe it could have been saved but we needed space for other plants, we pulled it up and didn’t get to eat any of it.

I think last time I said we lost all the figs. I’m learning about the LSU Gold, it has 2 crops – a Brebas(early, on last year’s growth) crop, and later a main crop (the bigger and better tasting crop). We lost all the early figs. But now we have main crop LSU Gold and Chicago Hardy Figs on the trees. There’s quite a few. We gave a way one VdB fig to a friend. We now have 3 of the Violette De Bordeaux Figs, 1 Chicago Hardy and 1 LSU Gold.

Fruit Trees – Peaches – about 20 fruits , Satsuma probably a dozen, Persimmon only a few – most dropped.

Our Braeburn apple tree did not get a single flower that turned into a apple. It bloomed and looked pretty for a few weeks. Not sure if pollination or just first year tree issues. My wife loves it so it will stay regardless of fruit status.

Got busy and didn’t pay enough attention to some powdery mildew growth (didn’t know what it was) but after a quick search now I know we have Powdery mildew infections on all the squash plants, and they are not happy about it, they are pretty weakened by it. Searches about fixes involve a 50/50 milk/water spray, or a 1 tablespoon Baking Soda to 1 liter water spray to try to control it. Conventional would just be  chemical anti fungicide spray, but we’ll try to get around it organically. I’ve applied the baking soda today and will see.


We were getting 2-3 cups of strawberries every day other day for a good 3 weeks in April! End of April it’s over.

We get a “handful” of dragon tongue beans -these taste great and they don’t make it inside, because Luke eats them ALL right off the plants. They are really a great fresh tasting bean.

A few purple pod beans, every day or two more on the way.

Picked a few sun gold tomato tomatoes 4-28 and many more ripening.

Garden Update 3-5-2011

March 5, 2011 Leave a comment

We harvested lettuce today for salads for 3.5 people – Luke being the half.

Tomatoes are growing like weeds and have  flowers already. This one is about to open up.


Major Pruning of the Pear tree was done last weekend, 3 wheelbarrow full of branches removed. It looks much better now. It’s already blooming!


Many of last year’s strawberries have flowers out, I removed the pine straw mulch to warm them up some more last week. Fighting ant mounds among the strawberries. I’ve tried cinnamon, whole cloves, and tonight cumin and cayenne red pepper. We’ll see if they stay away.

Last week I transplanted some Heirloom Yellow Strawberry Plants I grew from seed from Baker Creek Rare Seeds.

Yellow Strawberries Example

Peach Tree is blooming. It looks really good this year.


New Fig Tree Cuttings arrived – Violette De Bordeaux

February 20, 2011 3 comments

My fig cuttings have arrived from Encanto Farms in NJ. I ordered my fig cuttings from probably the most famous fig grower in the fig world. He collectively sells over 300 varieties of Figs, and only once a year sells cuttings, and sells out every time. Figs can be grown “easily” by taking cuttings from a parent plant, and kept moist for 2-3 weeks, and they will sprout roots and then grow into a new plant.   I’ve got 4 cuttings of a Violette De Bordeaux Fig, that I will try to turn into some fig trees.

I tried a wet paper towel in plastic bag method last time and it didn’t work, the cuttings molded and rotted. This time I will try a Peat Moss Perlite Mix to keep the bottom moist and in somewhat soil material.

Check out my new Page above on my current Fig Trees –

Fig Cuttings Source -

Violette De Bordeaux Fig – “Black fig with dark red flesh and rich flavor.”


My VDB Cuttings arrived

VdB fig Example

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Peaches – the dirtiest of them all

January 26, 2011 1 comment

The growing adventure started in 2010 with some basic thinking. My wife and myself became aware of many problems in the food system. More to write on that eventually… but first… starting at the top – Peaches – the dirtiest of the dirty dozen.

Peaches are the most pesticide contaminated fruit of all, one study saying 96% of peaches they tested contained pesticides, and another saying up to 53 different pesticides were found on imported peaches, some of those chemicals illegal for use on crops in the US but still acceptable in other countries that we import from. Some tested higher concentrations than values allowed by the EPA.

So what’s the solution? We quit buying conventionally grown Peaches, stop buying conventional peaches imported from other countries, grow your own or buy organic Peaches or support your local Farmers Market and get peaches locally where you can talk to the grower. We still buy organic peaches in a can out of season, but we hope they don’t have as many chemicals on them.

For fresh eating we planted a peach tree so we can enjoy our own organic peaches in season and knowing what went into growing them. We got a Florida King Peach tree since we have low chill down here in coastal Alabama. It was planted around 2/1/2010. We got 6 great looking peaches until “critters” got them. We ate 1 small one they missed and it was great. We should get a lot more this year.

Then came more trees…

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