Fruiting Plants

We have the following trees

  • Braeburn Apple Tree – unknown if any fruit last year, bought from nursery(Greenscape Nursery Lillian,AL)  while dormant. Rare to find one of these trees, she had special ordered it. Even if it doesn’t fruit my wife thinks it’s pretty.
  • Fuyu Persimmon Tree – 2 Persimmons we know of, we bought it after fruiting. (Greenscape Nursery  – Lillian,AL)
  • Florida King Peach Tree – 6 Peaches in 2010 – Source – Home Depot (didn’t’ know any better at the time)
  • Owari Satsuma Tree – 13 satsumas in 2010 – Source – Wilsey Nursery
  • Huge 30 year old Sand Pear Tree – more pears than we can handle
  • Wild Muscadine Vines – most not very productive… one gave about a pint

Container Plants

  • Tifblue, Climax and Premier Blueberry bushes (source -Wilsey Nursey)
  • LSU Gold Fig (Wilsey Nursey)
  • Chicago Hardy Fig (
  • Some pretty sad blackberry and raspberry plants. Source – Sam’s Club (once again, didn’t know any better at the time)
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