Fig Trees


I only knew figs as those semi-gooey things in Fig Newtons, or maybe a not so sweet tasting green/brown fig passed around from friends or family. 1 year ago, ask me if I like figs… no… I’ll pass.

However… A friend flew in from California with some figs. Yeah whatever… My wife tries one and gets excited, says I need to try one. Whoa. This is not like ANY fig I’ve ever had. It’s like fresh berry tasting fig.  It was a black mission fig. One of the best types of fresh eating figs out there.

I decided figs are awesome and we need to grow a lot of figs.What can you do with Figs? Well – they are awesome for fresh eating, and they  make excellent preserves/jelly. You can even freeze them and use them later.

After many days of researching fig forum chat,  I’ve decided on a few varieties. I did not want a Brown Turkey, also a common southern fig, but I don’t recall ever liking one of those.

No Brown Turkeys

I bought a Celeste and we planted it at a family member’s house. Celeste is a famous southern fig, great for this area, and great tasting. The figs are small and great for preserves. Source Wilsey Nursey,AL


Our Celeste Fig Tree

Celeste Fig

I bought a LSU Gold – Tasty Yellow variety breeded down at LSU. About 4-5 feet tall. Source – Wilsey Nursey AL


Our LSU Gold

LSU Gold Example

I bought a Chicago Hardy – purple brown fig. It’s just a tiny little stick right now. Source


Our Chicago Hardy

Chicago Hardy Fig Example

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