2010 Garden

4×12 raised bed of about 40% Mushroom compost 10% Composted Manure and 50% builder topsoil. The year starts off with mistakes in the soil, I should have done it differently.

Didn’t plant till 1st maybe second week in April – went by some specific people’s advice to wait till Easter, but actual last frost is around 2/28, so generally accepted to plant 1st week in March. The weather got too hot before the plants set any fruit. We let the plants go till December first frost hoping for a few fruits. Maybe a mistake too. The Bell peppers kicked in and we got some peppers but everything else (at this point just tomatoes were left) was just not fruiting well.

Soil was water logged and thick as a rock by the end of the season. Seems like too much fertilizer also because the tomato plants grew 7 feet tall and bushy but barely got any tomatoes.

  • Tomato – Brandywine-  1 tomato
  • Tomato Arkansas Traveler – 2 tomatoes -terrible tasting
  • Tomato – Black Cherry – OK Production with good taste
  • Tomato – SunGold – Excellent taste and pretty good production it seemed.
  • Cucumber – nonspecific variety bought mid April from Wilsey Nursey – a few and they tasted great, but yield was terrible.
  • Bell Pepper Red – Socrates- good production and great taste , LONG time to turn red.
  • Bell Pepper Yellow – POOR production, these were purchased from Wilsey a week or two later than the shipment on April 1st, so they were a couple weeks behind also when the summer heat came. They didn’t produce any bell peppers till Fall, and we got a few off them, some still ripening at first frost, I don’t think we ever got a yellow one. Going to avoid yellow ones.
  • Squash -Yellow Crookneck –  died from injuries trying to make it trellis. Never again.
  • Zucchini Romanesco – Same fate as squash… these are not meant to go up, despite what Mel says from the Square foot gardening book.
  • Strawberries – Seascape and Earliglow – pretty sad results, 5-6 strawberries?
  • Muskmelon (bought at Wilsey Nursey, not specific on variety)  –  1-2 melons maturing but bugs got them.

Wilsey Nursey is awesome despite our purchase, we’ve bought many fruit trees there and they are very nice and our favorite Nursery. They are our favorite goto Nursey in the area.

Tomatoes/Squash/Zucch were from http://www.tastefulgarden.com a Alabama based nursery for mail ordering plants. They sell Heirloom varieties and their quality was good.

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