2011 Garden

2010 garden was a bust, I listed all the things that went wrong and lessons leanred.

In 2011, we doubled capacity with a second 12×4 raised bed.

We learned that the soil used in the first year was a mess, builder topsoil + compost…

We loaded in a new soil mix for bed #2 and half of Bed #1.

  • 75% Jungle Growth Brand – Organic Soil (Peat, vermiculite, couple other things already included) It was on clearance at Lowe’s for $5 1.8 CU ft.
  • 5% Mushroom compost 2 bags of 40lbs.
  • 10% Vermiculite 3 bags, each 4 CU ft each
  • 10% Peat Moss – 3 bags, each 3.8 CU ft.

I sent a sample to Alabama County Extension Service to get it tested. I applied fertilizers to condition the soil problems found.

I started heirloom and non genetically modified plants from seed (all plants in 2011 garden year are heirlooms).

I built a PVC frame around each bed, with wildlife netting around them to keep critters out.

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