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New Fig Tree Cuttings arrived – Violette De Bordeaux

February 20, 2011 3 comments

My fig cuttings have arrived from Encanto Farms in NJ. I ordered my fig cuttings from probably the most famous fig grower in the fig world. He collectively sells over 300 varieties of Figs, and only once a year sells cuttings, and sells out every time. Figs can be grown “easily” by taking cuttings from a parent plant, and kept moist for 2-3 weeks, and they will sprout roots and then grow into a new plant.   I’ve got 4 cuttings of a Violette De Bordeaux Fig, that I will try to turn into some fig trees.

I tried a wet paper towel in plastic bag method last time and it didn’t work, the cuttings molded and rotted. This time I will try a Peat Moss Perlite Mix to keep the bottom moist and in somewhat soil material.

Check out my new Page above on my current Fig Trees –

Fig Cuttings Source -

Violette De Bordeaux Fig – “Black fig with dark red flesh and rich flavor.”


My VDB Cuttings arrived

VdB fig Example

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